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Our company

Tuscany Bags is a brand that was born in Tuscany for the passion of Italian Handbags.

The skin used for the production of Tuscany Bags products were esclusivamnete tanned with natural tannins from plant extracts, without the use of substances prohibited by law.

Small veins, wrinkles and subtle scratches, testify to the naturalness of the material, making each hide unique.

Our products are all handcrafted by Florentine artisans create unique, attention to detail and the choice of the best leather.

The products are all made in the laboratory located in Tuscany.

All products sold by Tuscany Bags have the brand REAL LEATHER and MADE IN ITALY inside.

We work in the fashion industry for many years, we have launched this online site to introduce our products to the worldwide.

Our strength is the price and quality of products offered.

Tuscany Bags puts its commitment to constant improvement of products and services offered.


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Some testimonials from our customers

Very good value for money, nice product. Shame, however. that you have forgotten my order for a month and ignored my mails claiming an information for the delay. Need to improve after sales service, Your site isnot very friendly eitheir, more clear information about what to do anda what nor to do after oreder confirmations wouls be very useful. Hpe my next purchese will do better. Regards, Filipe Sousa

Filipe Sousa | Portugal

Dear Tuscany Bags! Your product is beyond praise. This is great! Awesome! Qualitatively! I liked everything. Bravissimo Italy!!! With respect to you,Larisa Pavlovna Holdina

Larisa Pavlovna Holdina | Russian Federation

Dear Larisa, I'm very happy that you are satisfied our products. Thank you and best regards Tuscany Bags


I am very happy with the items i've ordered and I know my customers will be too. Great quality.

alston | Baggage Klaim @ The A Spot | United States

Quite fast realisation despite this beeing international order. Great quality of products and quick response from customer care.

Piotr Dymek | Nidea | Poland

Excellent Product

Pamela Grounds | Australia